What is an Education Portfolio?

Your Education Portfolio is used to record qualifications, training and information about your professional development activities.

Keeping track of qualifications and continuing education activities has never been more important. Many professional associations require members to complete a minimum number of hours or credits of continuing education to continue to use professional designations.

In some industries government regulations require prescribed education or training qualifications to be met before an individual is able to practice.

You can share this information with other organisations who may need to monitor this information or provide training and other services.

Your Education Portfolio is available under the Free for Education Licence.

Key Features of your Education Portfolio

1. Maintain your records

Update your Education Portfolio as you complete formal qualifications, participate in professional development activities and training. Training activities created in Education Exchange Creator can be completed and results recorded in your Portfolio.

If your Portfolio is linked to an Education Exchange webLMS account, Learning Events can be added to your Portfolio by the account administratorto.

Formal qualifications and continuing education entries are recorded and classified against your professional association’s competency categories, so you can demonstrate compliance with membership requirements.

2. Keep informed about upcoming events

Your Workshop Calendar lists scheduled Workshops, Courses and Roadshows.

Participating employers, fund managers, product providers, training organisations and professional associations can make calendars available. You decide which calendar events are to appear on your calendar.

3. Notifications

Notifications can be dispatched when your need to complete a training or attend to a compliance issue.

Choose from a range of notifications reminding you to update your Education Portfolio every month, when training activities are added to your account or workshops become available.

To create your Education Portfolio.

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