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Education Exchange is a suite of authoring, reporting and record keeping solutions to help you create, deliver, record and manage training.

Whether you are a training manager responsible for delivering a curriculum to thousands, a presenter who needs to support an audience or an individual access training resources or assess knowledge or a manager who needs to ensure accurate records are maintained to satisfy government, professional association or business needs, Education Exchange makes your task easier.


Education Portfolio

Securely record formal qualifications, continuing education and professional development efforts.

Configure your Education Portfolio to send reminders about upcoming events and training as it becomes available. Notifications can also be sent if if you are falling behind in the continuing education requirements of your employer or nominated professional associations.

Your Workshop Calendar displays information about upcoming training events, workshops, roadshows and meetings. the Learning Library provides tools to search for specific training and a Knowledge Base contains a range of information including policies, procedures and technical knowledge.

Authorise access to the information you have in your account to other parties, such as training organisations, product providers who need to confirm you are meeting their accreditation requirements or professional associations who need to ensure you meet their membership requirements.

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Education Exchange Creator

Designed for tehnical presenters, compliance and business development managers, Education Exchange Creator includes functions to support training courses. These functions include;

  • on-line registration of participants
  • communication with people who have enrolled
  • management of pre-work resources and trial exams
  • updating attendance records

Education Exchange is available at no change.

Adviser Education Services provides support for Education Creator. This support can range from technical support, assistance migrating content on-line or managing your project from beginning to end.

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Education Exchange webLMS

If you manage relationships with employees, representatives, brokers or other adviser practitioners, Education Exchange webLMS is a hosted enterprise learning management providing tools to help you manage, communicate, accredit and train your staff and representatives.

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