Adviser Education Services is committed to the privacy of information disclosed to us. The policy below outlines our corporate privacy principles and practices.

It has been developed in accordance with the OECD guidelines (URL), the EU Directives (URL) and the Australian National Privacy Principles (URL). We have taken this detailed approach to ensure the highest possible standard and demonstrate our commitment. As we expand our services the policy will be monitored and may be updated.

The key principle of our policy is:

Privacy is of paramount importance to Adviser Education Services and our customers

Our Privacy Commitments are:

1. We will never share sell or exchange information about individuals or companies without their explicit permission.

2. We are committed to providing practical access to personal or corporate information to enable the owners to identify and correct inaccuracies.

3. We welcome comments and suggestions about how we can improve our Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy Table of Contents

About Adviser Education Services
Information Adviser Education Services Collect
How Information is Used
Retention and Disposal of Information
Who the Information is Shared with
Use of Cookies
Changing or Updating Information
Linked Sites
Complaint Handling
Contact our Privacy Manager

About Adviser Education Services

Adviser Education Services provides a learning management and information delivery systems to individuals, organisations and profesional associations.

We use information provided by our clients to help us provide the most appropriate learning material or to provide compliance notifications and solutions.

Information Collected

Adviser Education Services only collect information that is required by us to deliver relevant services. We will collect this information under lawful and fair procedures

If we use any identifiers they are for the sole purpose of ensuring your record is complete and accurate when data is imported

Adviser Education Services require some individual information to provide people with our services.

This information includes:

- User ID
- Password

Adviser Education Services processes this information to administer users, determine eligibility for training, provide services and enable individuals to take advantage of the features of the Education Exchange.

Other information held will also include:
1. Employee no (where applicable)
2. Title
3. Position
4. Residential Address
5. Business Address
6. Country
7. Phone
8. Mobile
9. Fax
10. E-mail Address

Other information as required by organisations to manage accreditation and training provided to individuals who access our services.

While people use our web sites, Adviser Education Services automatically track certain information about surfing behaviour. This information includes:

1. The URL of the page visited
2. The time the page is accessed and the duration of time spent on a page
3. Usage Patterns

We use an aggregate of this information to determine how services can be best provided.

How Information Is Used

Adviser Education Services uses information about individuals and communities to enable the provision of accreditation, compliance and training information. We also use information gathered to report aggregate results that track how efficient our operations are.

We use e-mail addresses to provide notifications as directed by users, to verify identity and protect against fraud.

We do not give, sell, rent, share or trade any identifiable personal information regarding our customers to any third party, except where a service has been provided by a Registered Training Organisation and permission has been provided by individuals affected.

Where a service has been provided by a Registered Training Organisation that organisation may audit our records to ensure they have the information necessary to comply with Registered Training Organisation Status.

We do aggregate information to provide results on the number of users using our services and various other statistics. The information that we use is not identifiable

We may from time to time advise you of training or other events which may be of interest to you. You may configure the frequency and content of these notifications.

Changing or Updating Individual Information

Individuals can view their personally identifiable information stored by Adviser Education Services, by using the functions available on their web page or by sending a message to their administrator.

Access and control over most personal information in your Education Portfolio is readily available through the editing tools.

Education Portfolio users may modify or delete any of their information at any time by logging into their account. Information will be updated immediately and we maintain a log of changes to your account so you have an audit trail when needed.

Retention and Disposal of Information

Individuals who wish to deactivate their Education Portfolio may do so by contacting our support team using the link below.

While removed, information will persist in backup copies it will not be generally available to Adviser Education Services.

Disposal of information will occur when required by law, or when there is no purpose for keeping it

Who The Information Is Shared With

Adviser Education Services does not share your personal information with any other organisation without your explicit agreement.

You must give your permission if you are registering as a representative of a licensee who uses the Record Keeping System for compliance purposes.

Registered Training Organisations providing a service to you may request contact details and information concerning training purchased by you for audit purposes to meet. However your agreement to pass on this information must be given before you access their services. Where your agreement is required any information being passed to that organisation is displayed.

Use of Cookies

Adviser Education Services does not use cookies. While in Education Exchange a session id is generated and discarded after you log off or after 30 minutes of inactivity

If you are directed to another internet site to access content the Content Providers may use cookies.

The use of these cookies is outside the control of this Privacy policy.


Adviser Education Services has implemented generally accepted standards of technology and operational security to protect personally identifiable information from loss misuse, alteration or destruction.

Only authorised Adviser Education Services personnel are provided with access to personally identifiable information. Adviser Education Services personnel have formally agreed to ensure the confidentiality of this information

Linked Sites

The Accreditation Management System may contains links to other sites. Adviser Education Services is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such web sites. We encourage the reading of the privacy statements in these linked sites, as privacy policies may differ from ours.

Complaint Handling

Adviser Education Services has a complaint handling procedure in place. Complaints should be directed to our Privacy Officer.

Contact Our Privacy Manager

Adviser Education Services welcomes inquiries, comments or concerns about our Privacy policy and practices. These should be directed to Privacy Officer

Date of Publication - June 2006