Recent News

15/08/2011 - New Workflow Tool

A new workflow tool is now available providing administrators with a simple way to manage induction, orientation processes and accreditation programs.

The tool is designed to automate and track the progress of the different steps involved in a workflow, whether that involves notifying different parts of your organisation so the new start can be registered in different systems, arranging for workshop or audit schedules or notification to people in your organisation and beyond.

For more information contact us via the support page or check the updated User Guide.

11/07/2011 - Custom Reports

System Administrators can now create and deploy their own reports containing demographic and organisational data.

Check the Reports tab under Organisation settings to create custom reports which can be made visible to account holders using the existing access privileges functions.

Custom Reports can be created, saved and scheduled just like the existing reports.

1/7/2011 - Personalised Landing Pages

If you would prefer to use your own URL to ours, a customised home page can be created with images, video blogs or links to your existing intranet site.

Contact us using our support page for more information