Educators - More Information About
1. Adding training information to an Education Portfolio
2. Education Portfolios (including creating an account)
3. Education Exchange Creator (including creating an account)
4. Differences between Education Exchange Creator and Education Exchange webLMS
5. How do I create an Exam
6. How do I create a Workshop and make it appear in the Workshop Calendar
7. What is the difference between Training Admin and Learning Event Admin
8. How do I distribute training

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    How we help

    Adviser Education Services is an Australian based company that provides education, training and technology services.

    Our clients are primarily major banks, dealer groups, insurance companies and other financial services organisations in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. We also support a number of professional associations who have accreditation and continuing education requirements for continuing membership.

    These organisations use Adviser Education Services because of our extensive experience in developing cost effective training solutions for national and international companies who need to meet internal business or regulator requirements.

    We provide a range of optional commercial services for Education Exchange users, including remote support contracts, custom training and curriculm developments as well and administrative support and consulting. Our customers range from individual educators up to company training departments and professional associations.