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1. Adding training information to an Education Portfolio

Account Owner

Training records can be added by the owner of an Education Portfolio using functions on the left hand side of the My Details tab, visible after log in.

Account Administrator

The administrator can update training records using functions in the Updates group. These functions allow you to add information related to an individuals Formal Qualifications, Training and Continuing Education.

More information about this functions can be found in the Admin Quick Reference Guide, located under User Guides in the left hand menu in both the My Details and Education tabs after you log in.

Training Providers

Training providers have a range of options to add training information to an Education Portfolio

1. Deliver the Training using Education Exchange.

Education Exchange creator includes functions to help you create and deploy training to your audience. If your training is face to face you might use Education Exchange Creator Workshop functions to manage registration by other people.

If your training is an on-line assessment you can forward your audience a link to the training. After they have completed the training their Education Portfolio is automatically updated.

If you use Education Exchange webLMS your audience will automatically receive a notification when training is available.

2. Load data into an Education Portfolio

Data can be added to an Education Portfolio by completing the template here and notifying Education Exchange support team using our support form here. We will contact you to retrieve the data.

Data can only be added to an Education Portfolio using a unique number provided by the Education Portfolio administrator or the Education Portfolio owner. When an entry is added to an Education Portfolio the owner of the account has to accept the data before it is visible.