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3. Education Exchange Creator (including creating an account)

Education Exchange Creator has been developed to assist trainers by providing a simple, robust platform for training providers to create and deploy Learning Events.

Initially Education Exchange has been launched with three Learning Events. All are available at no charge under the Free for Education License.

These Learning Events are

  • On-Line Assessments
  • Workshop Calendar
  • Assignments
  • External Data
  • Surveys

By making these tools available at no cost, we hope to remove technical and financial barriers preventing training providers from making their content available on-line.

New Learning Events (and enhancements to existing ones) will be developed and made available over the next few months however, depending on the resources required to create and maintain them, we cannot guarantee all new Learning Events will be available under the Free for Education Licence.

Access to Education Exchange Creator is available to training providers supporting our clients in the financial services markets in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.


Education Exchange Executive Summary
Education Exchange Student Guide

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Education Exchange Creator is supplied 'as is' with no warranty or representation that it is fit for your use.

More information on our support services is available here.