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Education Exchange is a learning and communications platform that provides a range of functions to create and manage training. Students maintain an Education Portfolio where they maintain records. These training records can be added by a student and verified as needed by an administrator.

Administrators can update records and authorise other people to access and update training records. Records are updated as student enrol in workshops and complete on-line Learning Events, such as exams, assignments reviews and surveys.

Learning Events are modular frameworks that allow training and assessments to be developed quickly and deployed via LearningM@il, a web badge displayed on an existing web site or, if the student creates an Association with the training provider, the Learning Event can be set to appear in their Education Page.

Education Exchange Creator

Education Exchange Creator is designed for individuals who want to

  • provide access to information about upcoming workshops
  • create and deploy on-line examinations and surveys
  • manage a simple training curriculum
  • update training records for organisations that provide access to their students

Education Exchange Creator is available at no charge.

An overview of Education Exchange features is available here (8mb .pdf file).

Education Exchange webLMS

If your requirements go beyond a simple training curriculum Education Exchange webLMS is a complete enterprise learning management solution using Education Portfolios to maintain student records and comprehensive reporting and notification functions

    Curriculum Development

    Education Exchange includes tools to create and manage a training curriculum including attaining competencies and capability, accreditation pre-requisites and pathways

    Education Exchange includes an expanded range of Learning Events including

  • On-line assessments featuring multiple choice, true/false, multiple selection and text responses
  • Assignments, Reviews and Surveys
  • Workshop Registration and Asset Management
  • Single sign on to External Training Providers content
  • Sign Offs

Learning Events can be made available to individuals based on a range of criteria including their profile, location activities and length of service.

    How we help

    Adviser Education Services is an Australian based company that provides education, training and technology services.

    Our clients are primarily major banks, dealer groups, insurance companies and other financial services organisations in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. We also support a number of professional associations who have accreditation and continuing education requirements for continuing membership.

    These organisations use Adviser Education Services because of our extensive experience in developing cost effective training solutions for national and international companies who need to meet internal business or regulator requirements.

    We provide a range of optional commercial services for Education Exchange users, including remote support contracts, custom training and curriculum developments as well and administrative support and consulting. Our customers range from individual educators up to company training departments and professional associations.

    More information about Education Exchange webLMS can be found here