Education Exchange include functions to simplify reporting by ensuring it is relevant. Reports can be scheduled and run unattended, forwarding reprot output by e-mail and generate notifications to remind people to follow up outstanding tasks.
  • Accreditation Progress
  • Training Activity
  • Continuing Education
  • Training Plan
  • Formal Qualification and
  • Individual and Team Snapshots


Updates can be made to records in batches or one at a time. Individuals can update their own records with administrators verifying records as required. Access privileges can be set at an individual level and restrict access to teams, business units or branches and direct reports.


Education Exchange includes a range of Audit functions and the capability to create disclosure documents and letter of authorisation, based on an individuals training, qualifications and professional membership.

Data Management

Robust import, export and synchronisation functions allow data to be managed between Education Exchange and other systems either automatically or via batch import.

How we help

We provide a range of optional commercial services for Education Exchange users, including remote support contracts, custom training and curriculm developments as well and administrative support and consulting. Our customers range from individual educators up to company training departments and professional associations.

More information about Education Exchange webLMS can be found here