Reporting Functions

Reports are designed to help managers and administrators manage the progress of individuals through a curriculum, identify any licensing or regulatory issues and ensure people are meeting their continuing education requirements.

A range of search criteria allow you to quickly identify people by role, training profile, reporting lines or a business association with other people.

Reports can be saved and scheduled to run unattended, forwarding results automatically to a manager or administrator or populating customised e-mails sent to people based on the search outcomes.

Competency Where competency needs to be demonstrated against business, professional or regulatory requirements, a competency criteria can be defined and assessed against the qualifications, training and education records maintained in each person's account.
If training pre-requisities are assigned this report identifies progress and any outstanding activites.

Where there is more than one way for a person to become accredited Pathways can be created and either selected by the individual or assigned by th administrator.

Training Results Tracks progress of each activity. Where the activity supercedes an earlier course your Report can include either the results of the superceded activity or return just the results of the current training.

An exception report identifies people who haven't completed a training activity if it is overdue. Due dates can be based on a specific or a date calculated from an employment start date or when a pre-requsite was completed.

Continuing Education Tracks individual and group progress towards meeting professional development requirements.

The report calculates the total number or hours, points or credits assigned to each activity allowing the administrator to identify people who are failing to meet the organisation requirement.

An exception report tracks progress on a pro-rata basis, allowing reminders or other action to be taken during the measurement period

Formal Qualifications Identifies the current status of recorded qualifications including whether they are verified and if they meet the requirements of a regulator or licensing board.
Training Plans Flags people who do not have training plans or who are not meeting trainig objectives or completing activities assigned to them.

Each report can be customised to include a additional contact and management information.

All reports include options to e-mail people identified in the report, export the file in an Excel spreadsheet. Reports can be saved and scheduled to run unattended forwarded the results to people on a distribution list or generate a personalised e-mail sent to people based on report results.

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