Education Exchange webLMS is used by financial planning organisations, banks, fund managers, insurance companies and professional associations to manage the training, accreditation, competence and authorisation of members or staff.

Education Exchange webLMS includes functions to assist you

1. Define and analyse training and competency issues
2. Develop and deliver training and management solutions
3. Track the delivery of your initiatives and;
4. Gather feedback on those solutions

Education Exchange webLMS is provided using the ASP (Application Service Provider) model to deliver and support Education Exchange as a subscription based service over the internet.

This means that a browser and e-mail account are the only programs needed to access Education Exchange, whether you are a student, administrator or content developer.

It takes minutes to create an account.

No sales people to deal with. No servers to purchase. No software to install. You’re up and running almost instantly with your own LMS.

A hosted solution means our clients do not require the costly internal skill sets to support the application infrastructure, such as Unix, Database Administrator or technology administrator.

Education Exchange webLMS subscription pricing includes everything you need, so that unlike licenced software, you won't be surprised later by hidden people and technology costs that can quickly add up.

Any time we release a new version of the application, it is available to subscribers the next time they log in, free of charge.

We provide a total solution comprising

- the infrastructure (hardware, software etc) required to deliver and maintain the service.
- the day-to-day maintenance of the application software, security, database, server hardware and network connectivity.
- training and technical support
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