Frequently Asked Questions (with answers)

Below is a list of questions which are often asked. More detailed information is available using this link

1. What is my password/My login details are not working

If you cannot remember your logon details or the login details you are entering do not work, select the 'Forgotten Your Password' link on the Education Exchange logon screen.

You will need to enter your first name, last name and the e-mail address recorded in your account. Education Exchange will forward login details to that e-mail address if all three items are matched.

2. What do I do if Education Exchange cannot find me?

Education Exchange will not send an e-mail with your login details if :

• there is more than one account with the same first name, last name and e-mail address.
• your account has been made inactive.

If this happens you can contact us here to assist. (We may have to refer you to your administrator if it is an webLMS Account.)

3. Can you send my login details to another e-mail address

For security reasons we will not forward your login details to another e-mail address.

If you have changed your e-mail address and cannot access e-mails at the old address you should contact us here with your daytime contact number.

We will need to identify you before we amend the e-mail address recorded on your account. If the account is an Enterprise account your administrator can assist.

4. Can you give me access? I'm locked out and it tells me I can't login until tomorrow.

We cannot reduce the time you have to wait before you can access your account if you exceed the number of allowed logon attempts.

5. Who should I contact? I was given a link to access an Exam but I cannot access it.

Contact the person who gave you the link.

Access to Learning Events via a link can be changed at the discretion of the person who created the Learning Event.

6. Why does my Activity Log list a training more than once?

The Activity Log records each time a record is changed, whether the result is the same as the earlier one or not. It is an audit trail of account activity.

7. I was expecting a Learning Event to be available for me when I log on. Where is it?

If the Learning Event is required for your role it will be available in the Education tab (the green one). A notice 'You have training to complete' will display in your 'My Details' tab (the grey one).

Access will not be available if :
- you have already completed the Learning Event
- your role or profile is not permitted access to the Learning Event.

In these cases contact the person who advised you to complete the training.

8. I have a question about my training. Who do I contact?

Contact your administrator. Their details are located after you log on under the Administration heading

9. My computer stopped working! If I was in an exam is it counted?

Yes it is counted as an exam attempt.

Contact your administrator to discuss your options if you have excceded the number of allowed attempts, otherwise resit the exam.

10. I have a question which is not on this list. How do I get it answered?

Rarely Asked Questions can be asked here.

We may have to refer you to your administrator if you are enrolled in an webLMS Account.