Education Exchange Creator

    Education Exchange Creator has been developed to provide trainers with a simple and convenient way to deliver on-line training and assessment.

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    Education Exchange Creater is used by subject matter experts, coaches and technical trainers to deliver assessments, train an audience on product or technical issues and gather feedback on workshops and presentations.

    Participants can access activities you create using a link from your existing web site or you can send an e-mail containing access information and a link to your audience.

    If your participants are existing users of Education Exchange webLMS, you can publish training for inclusion in their curriculum.

    The administrator of their account determines who can access your training, while you retain control of content.

    The next series of pages explain how to ,

  • create an account
  • develop an on-line exam
  • create and publish information about an upcoming workshop or presentation
  • build a survey and feedback form